GAME 42 tandem
GAME 42 tandem
GAME 42 tandem
GAME 42 tandem

GAME 42 tandem

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Il Game 42 è quel tipo di vela che farà parlare a lungo di se in modo positivo per anni. Il nuovo design che incorpora un sistema intelligente distribuzione dei carichi interni e il nostro profilo APP (Automatic Pressurising Profile) sorprenderà persino il pilota più esperto.

Tandem flying is always a thrill for a first time passenger, but with this wing the real game is for the pilot! The Game 42 feels much more like a single wing than a tandem.
When flying you will soon forget it is a tandem over your head as this thermalling machine spirals you up to the top of the stack – and all of this with a friend on board.

Longevity of tandem wing is one of the main parameters considered by tandem pilots. Apco’s well known Gelvenor cloth has been proven over many years as the best there is for durability and longevity.

Revised, careful blend of Gelvenor and other lighter types of cloth and materials will guarantee many more hours of service for the Game 42 .

We at APCO believe that on Game 42 commercial pilots will be able to put in significantly more hours before trashing, compared to market standard – making each hour of flight significantly less costly (APCO wings are known for their sturdy, durable construction and this wing will continue the legacy)

Game 42 is equally great for both free flying and for paramotor tandem flying.
It especially excels when flying under power. Its outstanding performance and short take-off run allow its tandem use even with the smallest and weakest engines, making it the #1 choice for many light tandem trike pilots.

Game 42 is certified in EN-B, LTF B Class
APCO also performed thorough in-house intensive test flight sequence to verify that the wing is in-line with expectations on every parameter.