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The fun machine.

Energetic. Direct.

Il TONIC2 è la "fun machine" nel nostro range di mini-wing. The super-compact wing with short span and short lines is aimed at those who like to soar in strong winds or close to the slope. We like to call the TONIC2 the “go-kart” of the air because it converts control impulses directly and precisely and loves high banking and dynamic turns. Nevertheless, the field of application is surprisingly versatile – depending on the size you choose.

The TONIC2 is not only a perfect strong-wind glider, but also an ideal practice glider for ground-handling, wingover and looping training and a perfect companion for hike&fly tours. It has enough performance to glide out of every valley or even stay up on thermal days.

A carefully selected mix of materials ensures the necessary robustness in dunes as well as low weight for hike&fly. A special feature is the trimmer riser with which the speed window can be significantly increased. One thing is common to all sizes: The TONIC2 is extremely easy to handle, extremely fun in the air and extremely tough!


The TONIC2 can be laid out in the smallest area due to its small span and short lines. Launch preparations are incomparably easy. A tug on the lines and the canopy rises up compactly and evenly. Because the TONIC2 develops lift fast, the pilot takes off quickly – this was an important point in the specifications when developing our new mini-wing.

The TONIC2 immediately converts control inputs and weight shifting into high banks and steep curves. The reactions are moderate and manageable, but if you have no experience with mini-wings, you should approach this feature slowly.

The reactions vary depending on the size and the corresponding surface loading. With a low load, the TONIC2 is suitable for thermal flying, but if it is heavily loaded it becomes a strong-wind rocket on cliffs and dunes.

In turbulence, the TONIC2 remains stable, but requires an active flying style due to its agility – especially at high wing loading. The brake line pressure increases sharply right up to the stall, and you can adjust your speed precisely for landing with the brakes.

tabella uso tonic2 skywalk

Size XS S M
Cells 35 35 35
Area flat (m²) 16,3 18,7 21,1
Area projected (m²) 14,00 16,00 18,10
Wingspan flat (m) 8,4 9,0 9,6
Wingspan projected (m) 6,75 7,24 7,69
Aspect ratio flat 4,33 4,33 4,33
Aspect ratio projected 3,27 3,27 3,27
min. profile depth (cm) 95 102 109
max. profile depth (cm) 237 254 269
Glider weight (kg)
*with Dyneema-Riser. Weight with Regular-Riser +200g
2,4 2,6 2,8
Certified weight range (kg) EN/LTF B / 50 - 85 65 - 105
Certified weight range (kg) EN/LTF C 50 - 95 86 - 105 106 - 120